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The evolution of SYNDUIT defines the entrepreneur’s journey. Our Founder, Jared Yellin, started the company in his small two-bedroom apartment in Fort Lee, NJ with no money, no team, but a TON of vision in July of 2011. The first iteration of SYNDUIT was a Marketing Agency for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners creating everything from custom websites, highly comprehensive lead generation techniques, copywriting and graphic design, and so much more. The client list ranged from speakers to authors to internet marketers to health professionals to network marketers and everyone in between. The average investment to work with SYNDUIT in 2011 and 2012 was $2,000/month with a yearlong commitment. The company was thriving, and there was no end in sight to the growth, that was until Jared had an epiphany in November of 2012...


This vision was so clear to Jared that he was willing to risk it all - a multi-million dollar company - for the sake of serving 1 million entrepreneurs.

Jared pitched this vision to his team and then said, “We must automate what we are doing manually by building the most complete, affordable, and easy-to-use software system that the world has ever seen.”

After 14 challenging and exciting months, the first version of the SYNDUIT dashboard was ready to launch on January 1, 2014, for the chiropractic profession. SYNDUIT was the first done-for-you marketing system, and chiropractors were wildly excited about how much time the software would save and the level of professionalism that it would create. In six months, over 1,000 chiropractors joined the SYNDUIT tribe, and yet again, Jared realized a pivot was needed.


SYNDUIT went out and built an entire team of rockstar engineers and got to work on a better, faster, more flexible version of the first SYNDUIT dashboard which was ready to unveil in February of 2016 to the Network Marketing Profession. In less than 18 months, over 20,000 home-based business owners, chiropractors, and coaches joined SYNDUIT, and the journey to 1 million was officially underway.

The above story represents the highlights of the SYNDUIT adventure, but there were many highs and lows during this process. From depleting the company bank account to hire talented members to join the SYNfamily, to failed online product launches, the difficulties of self-funding a complex software system, and even building processes to break into new industries, SYNDUIT has many war scars, but is also stronger than ever as a result.

In February of 2018, SYNDUIT officially rebranded the role it plays in the life of the business owner as the first ever Virtual Marketing Department for 100’s of industries including Health Professionals, Coaches, Network Marketers, Financial Service Professionals, Real Estate Professionals, and so much more.

SYNDUIT delivers for changemaker entrepreneurs!


Although there is still a long journey that lies ahead to supporting 1 million entrepreneurs, SYNDUIT is in a better place than ever to achieve this outcome with the ultimate goal of helping 1 billion people experience FREEDOM.

Together, We Achieve More!

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