Marketing Necessities For Your Business

Before we share the SYNDUIT services with you, we want to introduce you to the fundamentals of the marketing in the 21st century and what you NEED in your business.

Let’s first start with the tools…

Okay, now that you have all of the tools you need for marketing your business, you need to answer a very important question…

Will you be spending your time using these tools OR do you plan on building a marketing team?

Let’s talk about what you need on a marketing team (all of these numbers are based on outsourcing this work, if you decide to bring this in-house you should 2x-3x each amount)…


Let’s assume you are serious about growing your business and you decide to move forward with everything from above…

Your monthly investment would be over $10,000/month and you would still need to invest a substantial amount of time and energy into training your team, holding them accountable, and planning.

If we had to guess, there is probably nothing you would like to do less than invest $10,000/month plus a substantial amount of your time in marketing. You became a changemaker entrepreneur because of your desire to make a change, not with the goal of designing powerpoint presentations, creating newsletters, developing email series, or designing social media blitzes.

You need a Virtual Marketing Department which is why you need SYNDUIT.

Our Services Are Specifically Designed For Busy Enterpreneurs

SYNDUIT combines the world of creative with software to offer you the most affordable, professional, creative, and comprehensive marketing solution for your business. And guess is so easy!

Let’s first start with copywriting.

Our team of copywriters have mastered many industries and create content daily to serve your needs. We are your ghost writers, and whether we are installing our copy into newsletters, email series, landing pages, print resources, social media captions, powerpoint presentations, scripts, etc. the content that you now have access to will engage your audience.

Your copy will come pre-installed into your SYNDUIT dashboard so that you can spend your time focusing on your business instead of in your business.

Our graphic designers will then take the copy and make it look magnificent. Whether we are designing social media campaigns, banners for landing pages, print resources consisting of flyers and mailers, and presentations for your next live event, you are guaranteed to look like an absolute rockstar as SYNDUIT helps enhance your brand image.

But we don’t stop here…

SYNDUIT crowdsources ideas and strategies from people just like you and in your industry so that we are always ensuring that you are relevant, cutting-edge, and consistent with your communication efforts.

We also pride ourselves on our built-in accountability system that will guide and educate you during the entire marketing process from the role your team should play, how to engage other businesses for support, when you send your press release to the local paper, follow-up for success and so much more. Members of our tribe have said that the accountability system alone has made such a difference in their business.

And if you ever feel the need for a completely custom campaign that is only available for your business, you can chat with your project manager so that we can assess the project and offer an extremely competitive quote to deliver on your needs.

SYNDUIT Replaces The Following For You

When you hire SYNDUIT as your Virtual Marketing Department, you will get the following (which means you can get rid of any/all marketing software platforms and/or freelancers that are financially draining your business and costing you way too much time when it comes to management and planning.

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