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We Are Looking For Industry Leaders Who Recognize The Need For A Virtual Marketing Department For Their Tribe

Whether you are an influencer within a specific industry, a leader of a Network Marketing team, the founder of a certification program, or an entrepreneur who believes that SYNDUIT should break into a new market - WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!

There are specific requirements that we look for whenever expanding into an industry, but the most important element is that the industry is doing GREAT and IMPACTFUL things in the word. Whether it is within healthcare, finance, real estate, spirituality, personal development, or anything in between, we are motivated to partner with causes that we believe in so that our synergy can be profound.

The process is simple, direct, and fast…

We start by conducting a mutual interview where you get all of your questions answered, and we put you in the proverbial hot seat as well. If both parties are still interested in moving forward, then our team will get to work by developing a 12-month marketing plan for your industry. We will lean on your for ideas, resources, and eventually promotion, but the bulk of the work will be SYNDUIT’s responsibility.

SYNDUIT will potentially become a Virtual Marketing Department for your industry by combining the world of creation with software to offer you the most affordable, professional, creative, easy-to-use, and comprehensive marketing solution for your business.

Let’s first start with copywriting.

Our team of copywriters has mastered many industries and creates content daily to serve your needs. We are your ghost writers, and whether we are installing our copy into newsletters, email series, landing pages, print resources, social media captions, powerpoint presentations, scripts, etc., the copy that you now have access to will fully engage your audience.

Your copy will come pre-installed into your SYNDUIT dashboard which allows you to spend your time focusing on your business instead of in your business.

Our graphic designers will then take the copy and make it look magnificent. Whether we are designing social media campaigns, banners for landing pages, print resources consisting of flyers and mailers, or presentations for your next live event, you are guaranteed to look like an absolute rockstar as SYNDUIT helps enhance your brand image.

But we don’t stop here…

SYNDUIT crowdsources ideas and strategies from people just like you in your industry so that we are always ensuring that you are relevant, compliant, cutting edge, and consistent with your communication efforts.

Just to make this really clear for you, the people of your industry will NOT need the following once they hire SYNDUIT as their Virtual Marketing Department, you will get the following:

Click a link above to view a quick demo of each feature!

This means you can get rid of any/all marketing software platforms and/or freelancers that are financially draining your business and costing you way too much time when it comes to management and planning.

Next Steps

Okay, if you are still reading this page it means you are interested in joining the SYNboard for your industry.

A SYNboard is comprised of 5-10 industry leaders who are committed to bringing SYNDUIT to their industry. This will NOT require much time, but it will require YOU to share SYNDUIT when it is time to launch.

Here is the process:

1 - We look to create a relationship with 5-10 leaders in your industry.

2 - We do an opportunity overview (via zoom) where we learn about one another.

3 - If there is a synergy, we move forward by mutually creating a marketing plan and a utility plan for your industry. Once all parties agree, SYNDUIT takes on the responsibility to bring these ideas to life. We will only lean on the industry leaders for any supporting resources that are needed to make the marketing strategies even more effective.

4 - Our goal is to launch the first round of campaigns within 4-6 weeks from the opportunity overview. The leaders are responsible to make some serious noise so that the industry becomes aware that SYNDUIT is now the Virtual Marketing Department for those with the desire to save time, serve more, and have more fun in their businesses.

5 - We will continue to crowdsource new ideas as the tribe of SYNDUIT users grows within your industry so that you always have access to the most relevant information and strategies.

  • Here is what we expect from you…
  • No ego allowed
  • You will share what works in your business
  • You will share any resources that would help the SYNDUIT team build something very powerful for your industry
  • You will share SYNDUIT with all of your colleagues

To top it off, there is NO FEE for any leaders working with SYNDUIT when it comes to building marketing strategies and SYNDUIT starts at only $19/month.

Download the Synduit Process

If you are ready to learn more about this very exciting opportunity for your industry, please email with your contact information, name of your industry, and the role you play within your industry. We look forward to learning more!

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