Universal marketing Plan v2

The Marketing Solution For Every Business

If we had to guess, you probably did not become a business owner because of your burning desire to learn and execute marketing strategies.

The concept of building event registration pages for your next Client or Patient Appreciation experience, most likely is not what gets you out of bed in the morning.

Designing flyers for your next referral initiative is probably not sending you over the moon with excitement.

And when it is time to host a specific class, webinar, event or really anything for that matter, setting up a landing page is most likely NOT too high on your list.

WE GET IT, mastering the nuances of the latest marketing trends is taking valuable time that could be spent focusing on what you really are passionate about.


What you need is a group of people whose one focus is just that, or as we like to call it, your Virtual Marketing Department. If we have not YET entered your industry, with the Universal Marketing Plan, SYNDUIT is still the only tool you will ever need to market and grow your business.

What Is The Universal Marketing Plan?

After nearly a decade of supporting businesses across 50+ industries, we have found that there are UNIVERSAL MUST HAVES that every business needs when it comes to marketing and business growth.

-Client and/or Patient Appreciation Events
-Referral Contests -Live Event and Webinar Themes
-Engaging Social Media
-Reactivation Campaigns
-Thank You Promotions
-And so much more!

Your Universal Marketing Plan contains several campaigns for each month that can be fully customized to meet your every need.

These campaigns come with seasonal themes, holidays, and nearly everything you can imagine. They will save you hours each month of graphic design, copywriting, and even idea generation.

See The Universal Marketing Plan In Action!

Hire SYNDUIT Today

Hire SYNDUIT Today

Not only will you have access to the Universal Marketing Plan, but you will get a fully integrated email marketing system, social media scheduling service, event registration platform, leadpages, autoresponders, and a text message marketing portal. And it’s all inside of your SYNDUIT dashboard

We Deliver More Than Just Campaigns!


Inspiration: We will keep you inspired in your business with regular communications to ensure that you are always on the right track.

Planning: Imagine building an annual marketing plan in sixty minutes with our support.

Accountability: We will remind you to follow-through on the specific actions that will contribute to your success.

Coaching: Your marketing strategist will deliver MasterClasses for FREE on various topics to help you think like a marketer.

Content: We will always deliver the highest quality content for your industry.

Automation: Once we deliver the content, we also mobilize it through easy-to-use automation inside of your SYNDUIT Dashboard.

These six areas are the extraordinary benefits of hiring SYNDUIT to be your Virtual Marketing Department, and in many ways will prove to be the difference maker in your business.

This Plan Is Perfect For ALL Industries

Everyone will benefit from the Universal Marketing Plan!

This means that if we do not have your industry represented yet, you will still be over-the-moon excited about what SYNDUIT will represent in your business.

If you are part of a religious body, a pet groomer, accountant, attorney, real estate agent, acunpunturist, therapist, healer, or any other label you give yourself, the Universal Marketing Plan is a MUST for your business.

We launch new industries based on demand so if we start to see momentum in your industry we will develop specific content that you can then layer on top of your Universal Marketing Plan.

So, we have one question for you?

Are You Ready To Hire SYNDUIT To Become Your Virtual Marketing Department?

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