Your Team

Meet Your
Virtual Marketing

These five ROCKSTARS represent YOUR TEAM. They are committed to your success, they are consistent with their strategies and advice, and they are always available with inspiration, education, and even accountability.

But what makes these five characters perform is the team of people at SYNDUIT who are driving the daily interactions that these five characters have with you. We have built what we refer to as sa SYNfamily of people who are motivated to help you create the life you want based on creating FREEDOM in your business.

So, without further adieu, meet your Virtual Marketing Department...


Meet Beth, your Virtual Marketing Director. Beth has an extremely important role on your team as she will be your first point of contact when it comes to setting up your SYNDUIT dashboard for success. She is also the point of contact for all essential announcements for your business and as well as for SYNDUIT.


Meet Kenneth, your Virtual Marketing Strategist (and someone you will come to absolutely love!) Marketing is not this elusive or esoteric concept in your business. It is not filled with confusion and complexity, and it definitely should not be a waste of time. Kenneth has one goal for you which is to teach you how to think like a marketer with his short training videos, reminders, and overall accountability. If you have the desire to learn marketing, then make sure to engage with Kenneth - he is your guy!


Meet Eric, your Virtual Software Support Specialist. Eric is a master of teaching our tribe how to successfully use your SYNDUIT dashboard without wasted time or frustration. Eric records many hours of short training tutorials with the goal of answering all of your software questions. You can see all of these tutorials once you login to your Dashboard under the support tab. Eric is also the voice of all new features and enhancements so make sure to always open his emails.


Meet Lauren, your Virtual Customer Happiness Leader. Our hope is that your interaction with Lauren is minimal as her primary responsibility at SYNDUIT is to train and empower her team of Customer Happiness Specialists to be your guide when navigating the SYNDUIT dashboard. We pride ourselves on our high level of support and accountability and much of the credit goes to Lauren for setting up our systems for success. But also realize, Lauren is fully available for you, so please feel free to leverage her unique ability so that you have what you need to succeed.


Meet Charlotte, your Virtual Project Manager. If you ever want to consider investing in a custom campaign or strategy that is only available for your business, then Charlotte is your go-to-girl. She will send you a brief questionnaire so we can understand the scope of the project and then talk offer a very fair estimate of what it will take to bring your idea to life.